Vertical wind turbine. It works from any direction.

A Museum completed installation of the first vertical axis wind-turbine in Miami-Dade, and the first small vertical wind turbine installation in all of Florida. This demonstration exhibit was installed at the Museum’s present site as part of the Energy Tracker exhibit now under development with funding from the U.S Department of Energy and the City of Miami.

The turbine will ultimately move to the new Museum downtown, where it will contribute to on-site energy generation and support programming around renewable energy.

The turbine is a 1.5 kilowatt GALE T1 manufactured by Tangarie, installed by local vendor Blue Alternative Energy. With a cut-in speed of 4.25 miles per hour, on a typical South Florida day it is capable of meeting about 10% of the energy requirement of an average South Florida home.

Although not connected to the grid at the current location, the turbine is part of a hybrid system that includes a small solar panel and a battery, and is used to power sensor-triggered lighting on the turbine, which comes on at dusk.

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