A sustainable airplane coming in 2030

Air travel is terrible for the environment, and it’s concepts like this eco jumbo jet that propose how we might be able to fix that. Oscar Viñals has put forward these innovative plans for a sustainable airplane for 2030 that would be more efficient in every way.

Look closely and you’ll see that there are three rows of windows lining this super jet, corresponding to three separate levels of passenger seating. The top is premium, the middle is business and the lower section is economy, with the total capacity amounting to 800 travellers accommodated on each flight.

Six electric superconductive engines would be necessary to keep this eco jumbo jet in flight, but one of these would be powered completely by renewable energy. Solar panels on the wings and integrated wind turbines would harness environmentally friendly means of fuel. To top it off, a CO2 cleaner would be installed at the rear of the AWWA-QG Progress Eagle.

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