New Line of Sustainable Food Carts In NYC

The Big Apple launched a pilot program that will likely see 500 sustainable food carts hit the streets.

Designed to help reduce green house gas emissions while also improve food vending safety, the new eco-friendly venture could revolutionize traditional food trucks.

The food truck craze has rapidly grown in recent years, but unfortunately this innovative style of dining has also led to an accompanying spike in air pollution, as well as public safety hazard due to on-board propane tanks. In an effort to combat these issues, New York City and MOVE Systems have launched the ‘MRV100’ food cart. These revolutionary mobile kitchens feature solar panels, rechargeable battery banks, low emission fuel systems and advanced hybrid generators. The clever design of the eco-friendly carts could help to cut green house gas emissions by up to 60 percent, while reducing nitrogen oxide pollution by 95%.

Funded entirely by donations and private partnerships, the sustainable food carts will be supplied free of cost to the first 500 vendors who sign up for the initiative.

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