The Chef’s EcoWall Garden’s™

The Chef’s EcoWall Garden’s™ sophisticated design successfully blends form with function by addressing all the requirements for growing healthy produce into a compact hydroponic system with custom design features. A specifically designed system controls the water, nutrients, and lighting creating a sustainable growing environment for a wide variety of fragrant herbs, leafy greens, and other edible plants year-round. The benefits of the design compared to other wall gardens are many but chefs agree that the all-inclusive nature of the system makes the possibilities for growing fresh produce effortless.

With numerous options of colors and architectural finishes, the Chef’s EcoWall Garden™ can be customized to meet your taste and match kitchen décor. The interchangeable façade and background make color and material combinations endless. So when your taste changes changes so can the look of your wall garden with a few simple steps.

The Chef’s EcoWall Garden™ revolutionizes kitchen design by promoting healthy cooking through nature inspired ambiance and access to fresh produce in an interactive and sustainable manner for homes, restaurants, schools, and businesses worldwide.

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