• $400

Robotic bartender

Step aside Sodastream and Nespresso, there is a new drink machine in town and this one is here to party.

Somabar is a robotic bartender that can mix more than 300 different types of cocktails. All you need is your iPhone and your favourite beverage’s ingredients.

The counter top appliance has six removable pods which can be filled with any type liquid, then simply select which drink recipe you want from the app and you will be sipping away on martinis in a matter of seconds. And if you’ve got a special mix that you can’t find in the app? Don’t worry because you can also create your own recipe.

After launching an highly successful kickstarter campaign, which smashed the original target of $50,000 by more than $262,000, the Somabar was awarded the Innovative Award for the Home Appliance category at CES.

Keen to get your hands on one? The manufacturers are currently in the process of beginning mass production of the machine, estimated to cost around $400.

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