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LG launches world’s largest 21:9 ratio monitor

LG Electronics has unveiled the world’s largest ultrawide 21:9 screen monitor, seeking to strengthen its leadership in the lucrative premium monitor market.

The Korean technology company is the market leader in the 21:9 aspect ratio monitor market. LG said the new 38-inch device will help meet expectations for a wider range of users ― including stock analysts and web or architectural designers.

The move comes as demand for 21:9 monitors has grown steeply in recent years, because the ratio is regarded as the best fit for those who have to divide the screen into many segments.

LG Electronics said its market size had grown some 80 percent last year from the previous year, with the company maintaining its position as a top vender in the category for three consecutive years from 2013 in terms of sales figures and sales volume.

“LG Electronics will set a new standard in the premium monitor market with the multitasking-focused ultrawide monitor,” Heo Jae-cheol, vice president at LG Electronics said.

Another key feature of the device is that it comes with a quad high-definition (QHD) display that has a resolution three times clearer than full high-definition (FHD) monitors, the company said.

The monitor is also equipped with LG’s in-plane switching (IPS) technology to deliver the same clear image at any angle.

LG said users can connect their smart devices ― including smartphones ― to the monitor via Bluetooth, helping them enjoy music from the attached speakers. They can also connect their laptop to the monitor. As the monitor is compatible with a USB Type-C connector, users can also charge their smart devices while using the monitor, LG said.

The monitor comes with a price tag of 1.59 million won ($1,407).

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