Wearable lightweight portable solar panels on the rise.

Keeping phones charged can be a hassle, especially when there aren’t any electrical outlets around, but the SunnyBAG LEAF+ for example makes charging devices a lot easier.

The SunnyBAG LEAF+ is a portable solar charger with a lightweight design that makes it easy to carry anywhere, especially to places without electricity.

When going on long hikes or canoe trips, having a phone can be crucial in the case of emergencies. However, carrying around big battery packs is a drag, and if those packs run out, trippers are out of luck.

The SunnyBAG LEAF+ is a paper-thin solar panel that weighs in at just 200 grams but provides 4000 mAh of energy. It comes standard with durable rope-holes, allowing it to be attached to a backpack and forgotten about — that is, until the satellite phone dies.

It seems the wearable lightweight portable solar panels trend is here to stay.

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