Samsung mass-produces 10-nano 8GB mobile DRAMs

Samsung Electronics is expanding its application of the 10-nano process to mass-produce the world’s first 8GB mobile DRAMs, helping handset makers worldwide release new flagship smartphones with higher hardware specifications.

The world’s top DRAM manufacturer said Thursday it started offering clients the 8GB low-power double data rate 4 (LPDDR4) mobile DRAM packages this month, made using its the 10-nano process technology. The new DRAM package consists of four 16GB memory chips, it said.

“With the mass-production of 8GB mobile DRAMs, which have the largest capacity in the industry, we will be able to help our global clients release next-generation flagship mobile devices on time,” said Choi Joo-sun, executive vice president of Samsung Electronics’ mobile business division. “We will strengthen cooperation with clients in diverse sectors such as dual cameras, 4K ultra high-definition and virtual reality technologies.”

Samsung Electronics started mass-producing 6GB LPDDR4 DRAM packages using the 20-nano process in August last year. It took only 14 months to introduce the next-generation nano processing technology to the commercial manufacturing lines and roll out mobile DRAMs with larger capacity, the company said.

Samsung Electronics said the new 8GB LPDDR4 mobile DRAM has the same memory capacity as the 8GB DDR4 memory, which is widely adopted for high-performance slim laptop computers, and provides up to 4,266 megabit-per-second data read-and-write speeds. This means that new flagship smartphones will support 4K UHD and virtual machine technologies, which used to be available only on high-performance personal computers.

Combining the 10-nano process and low power consumption technologies, the new mobile DRAM package is thinner than 1mm and has more memory chips on the same 15mm-by-15mm area, which is the same as that of thicker existing mobile DRAM packages. Such slimness allows it to be stacked on an embedded universal flash storage (eUFS) or on an application processor, helping handset makers design slimmer mobile devices.

Samsung Electronics said it plans to further expand production output of 10-nano DRAMs to follow its clients’ product release schedules for new flagship devices. The company said it is currently using the 10-nano process only on the latest manufacturing lines to produce DRAMs for personal computers, servers and mobile devices but will introduce the process in other lines to meet increasing market demand.

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