Omron Healthcare will sell a portable device that evaluates a user’s walking posture and identifies problems after 10 steps.

The unit attaches to the hip and measures motion in all directions with a built-in acceleration sensor. It uses a proprietary algorithm to assess the user’s stride and center of gravity, and provides basic diagnoses such as “short steps” or “wobbly.”

The results can be transmitted via Bluetooth to an iPhone loaded with an application made for the device. The app then offers videos of exercises to help correct the posture issues identified in the user’s results, selected from the 17 available.

The device is expected to sell at around 9,980 yen. The Omron Corp. unit is aiming for sales of 40,000 units in the first year.

While commercial stationary posture sensors are available, there are none for individuals that can do quick measurement, according to the company.

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