Robot World 2016 Conference held in Beijing

The 2016 World Conference of the robot news conference, gave a presentation on the preparations for this year’s General Assembly robot and start the countdown to the General Assembly one hundred days. According to reports, 2016 will be held in Beijing World Conference of the robot is also 21 to 25 October Chong international convention and exhibition Centre will be held at the exhibition area will reach 40,000 square meters.

Beiqing Bao reporter from the conference that the current General Assembly robot into forums, fairs, robot contest three plates which, fairs indoor and outdoor exhibition area will reach 40,000 square meters, the exhibition set up industrial robots, service robots exhibition, special exhibition and VR robot exhibition, showcasing the world’s latest scientific research field of robotics. By then, a new song, HIT robot Group, new and up, the United States IROBOT, EPSON, Kema, Foxconn, icub robot, Pepper robots, Robotics ThorMang2 robot, Teotronico piano robots and other well-known enterprises and advanced products will be unveiled.

Meanwhile, the 2016 World Robotics Competition will fully focus on the most advanced cutting-edge technologies, including a number of high technology content Challenge unmanned robot pick-Star Game, the International Robot Contest in water, UAV flight Ultimate Challenge, showing the strong robot competitions.

It is reported that at the World Conference of the robot is following the success of the World Conference of the robot last year, China hosted the second International Conference of the robot.

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