The first non-military boat with fuel cell propulsion.

Clean Energy for Tomorrow’s Ships Commercial Applications: the first real commercial application is the use of fuel cells in submarines and marines, developed in Germany. Official certified by Germany Lloyd. GL also certified the excursion vessel HYDRA as the first non-military boat with fuel cell propulsion. Other commercial applications in the shipping industry include the electric power supply of sailing boats, the power supply for the hotel load of passenger ships, and also the power supply of ferries and other vessels operating in environmentally-sensitive areas.

New Boat and Yachts Designs, New ecological materials as for example light Carbon, light sustainable grown wood, aluminium, new Propulsion Systems, new electric on board Systems, new energy and engines systems and completely new innovation from Germany

by German Naval Arquitects, German Naval Designers and Specialists, German High Tech Boat and Yacht Builders.

The boats and yachts will be built in bigger numbers and series, in Germany and in each Country of SIDS, in various sizes and types, to be used world-wide in nature reserves, urban water ways, and inland waters, according to the individual users’ requirements.

This will in particular be Public Transport boats, excursion boats for tourists, water taxis, fishing boats, police boats, border patrol boats, patrouille boats, house boats, yachts, and special vehicles constructed for the use in countries with special climatical requirements, under consideration of the protection of climate and environment. The fore-mentioned boats will be used in waters with slow currence, lakes, inland water ways and canals, and waters in nature reserve areas.

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