New IoT-based vehicle management system launched in South Korea

Korea Telecom has launched integrated vehicle and container management services based on the Internet of Things (IoT) technology.

The South Korea’s second-largest telecom company said the new services have completed its IoT-based real-time vehicle control system both for land and maritime transport.

“KT’s moving object management service based on our telecom networks is capable of controlling both land and maritime transport in real time,” KT’s future business vice president Song Jae-ho said in a statement.

“The new service has been specialized in each industrial sector and thus can be conveniently used to operate moving objects.”

The three new services include an automatic drive log system for enterprise vehicles, a safe transport route searching system for dangerous objects and a container control system for land and maritime transport.

Once the client installs the telecom equipment on a car or a container, related information is automatically transmitted to KT’s GiGA IoT Vehicle platform through the company’s telecom network.

Managers can monitor the object’s moving route, cargo condition and drive and accident status in real-time.

The drive log system service automatically records every business-purpose vehicle operation, helping client companies manage drive logs to submit to the tax agency. In particular, the system is designed not to transmit location information of the car for those concerned about invasion of privacy.

The safe route search system identifies road conditions that drivers need to be aware of when carrying dangerous cargo, and automatically sends alarms to the manager. The system also automatically updates road condition information, distributed by the police agency, to plan transport routes.

The container management service monitors the location, temperature, humidity and entrance clearance of registered containers.

Tapping into KT’s telecom satellite networks, this system provides real-time monitoring of containers on land and sea, helping export businesses manage their containers throughout the entire export processes, KT says.

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