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New Casio weather notification clock.

Casio Computer released a Bluetooth-compatible clock with weather notification, DWS-200J.

The clock connects to an iPhone via Bluetooth to provide the most current weather information from the Japan Weather Association.
DWS-200J is the first clock compatible with Bluetooth. In collaboration with Casio and the Japan Weather Association, weather information is received from an iPhone through a special app, CASIO CLOCK. The DWS-200J displays weather information on an hourly and weekly basis for the user’s specific municipality, and can send weather notifications every three hours.

The clock can help users prepare for approaching rainfall or choosing the day’s best outfit. The Bluetooth-compatible clock can continuously track a maximum of four locations. The weather information is displayed simultaneously, so users can follow the weather at different locations such as their home, workplace, school, or holiday destination.

Additionally, the DWS-200J collects data on temperature and humidity, which can be plotted and displayed on an iPhone. Users can set alerts for up to 12 conditions with seven voice notifications such as “time to go out” or “time to take your medicine.” The notification function can also send an alert based on temperature or humidity conditions to inform users “take care and don’t catch a cold” or “Be careful of mold and mites.”

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