Korea Telecom introduces voice recognition feature to personal authentication app

KT has released the country’s first voice-based personal authentication service.

The nation’s second-largest telecom company said the new service is available through an update to its existing mobile application, which has provided personal authentication services based on a personal identification number (PIN) or fingerprint recognition technology. The new feature is expected to widen the options for users to verify their identities for diverse services including mobile payments and other financial transactions.

“We expect the new voice recognition feature will help our mobile personal authentication application attract more interest from consumers,” said Choi Jeong-yun, vice president of KT Platform Planning Office’s Platform Service Business Unit, in a statement. “We will continue to develop diverse financial technology services.”

Users can download the personal authentication program from Google Play app store free of charge and register their own voices as biometric data by reading a given sentence seven times. As a countermeasure to fabrication concerns, the voice recognition feature is based on technology that distinguishes actual human voices from recordings being played through a speaker. Another version for iPhone users will be provided afterwards, KT said.

KT released its mobile personal authentication app, based on the global biometric data standard Fast Identity Online (FIDO), in June.

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