The future of solar commercial aircraft

“After the successful solar plane solo flight that proved that a future solar commercial aircraft can be possible Shabtai Hirshberg that has recently graduated from Transportation Design MFA program at the College for CreativeStudies (CCS) in Detroit, Michigan. came up with his thesis “Redesigning Commercial Aircraft” that was based on extensive research on the commercial aviation market, the result was innovative aircraft with revolutionary improvement, forward thinking design, future technology that were all incorporated into our future commercial aircraft design.

As we already know, commercial aviation is a rapid growing market and it’s been predicted that it will have at least 100% increase in number of flights by the time we reach 2030. The fact that fuel price keeps on increasing, we can tell that airlines business has become less profitable, and the result is most airlines will make major cutbacks such as reducing passengers comfort by reducing legroom.

This newly designed commercial aircraft by Shabtai Hirshberg reduces the fuel costs by 30% and allows significant extended range of destinations and landing terrains. The new design allows shortens turnover time as well as provides comfort to the passengers. During the process of designing this aircraft, this industrial designer has worked closely together with aeronautical analysis engineers from NEVO Analysis Consulting Group to come up with fully optimized aircraft from structure, materials, technologies, propulsion systems, as well as scenario of use”.

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