• $360

Honda Walk Assist

Honda Walk Assist is a therapeutic, wearable robotic device designed to help induce inverted natural pendulum-type walking. It can be used for walking training under the guidance of doctors or rehabilitation staff. It has been developed based on the technology and know-how learned from the study of their humanoid bipedal robot, ASIMO. It was first shipped to about 50 hospitals and rehabilitation centers in 2013, and since then, Honda has been optimizing its functionality. To allow the Walk Assist device to be accessible by more patients, they decided to start offering the device through leasing.

The device has been in development since 1999, and it has taken almost 17 years since the project’s launch to become a viable product with practical use. It is easy to take on and off, and with the help of a connected tablet device, features of the user’s walking and training ability can be visualized.

The lease time is set for 3 years and the monthly fee will be ¥45,000 (~$360), including a maintenance and workshop session to learn how to use the device.

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