Scientists soar to 2nd most popular job among Japanese boys

Scientists and scholars became the second most popular job among Japanese boys, climbing from the eighth spot last year, according to a survey, possibly influenced by Nobel Prizes awarded to Japanese scientists.

Soccer players remained at the top of the list for the seventh consecutive year, while police officers and detectives were in third place, according to the annual survey by the Dai-ichi Life Insurance Co.

Swimmers, which took the 18th spot last year, soared to eighth place, after Japanese swimmers did well at the Rio de Janeiro Olympics last August, earning nine medals.

Regarding the surging popularity of scientists, an official at the insurance company said, “Japanese nationals winning Nobel Prizes successively may have an effect (on the popularity).”

Among girls, working at food shops continued to be the most popular occupation for the 20th straight year, followed by preschool teachers and schoolteachers in the second and third spots, respectively.

Meanwhile, dance teachers, dancers and ballerinas came 10th, making it to the top 10 lists for the first time since 2009.

“As dances have been taught in school classes, kids are becoming familiar with dancing,” the official said.

The survey was conducted on 1,100 elementary school and preschool children nationwide between last July and September. The life insurer started the survey in 1989

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