Africa could generate enough natural energy for the entire world.

What can we do about an issue like this when the information is in plain sight for all of to see but the powers above have no fear anymore of its citizens. If we all stood together instead of standing apart due to issues like race and gender, we would be the most powerful generation because of our numbers. We need to stand together and demand to have free energy sources like solar and wind instead of outdated energy sources that do nothing but fund wars and pollute our earth.

Hemp oil is all we need. It grows abundantly, it feeds the soil as it dies down so doesn’t need to be rotated and can be used for food, fuel, clothes, canvas and anything that has been made of plastic. The difference is that hemp bio degrades and plastic doesn’t. It was a bad day for our world when they developed plastic. All just for more profit.

We need to remove ourselves from combustion power. Once we can successfully crack on free energy devices and scale up to a reasonable size there will be unlimited amounts of power for the planet. Not to mention space travel applications.

Coming back to Hemp, it is an incredible resource. It was illegal not to grow it at points in US history it is so strong and useful. The problem is when you burn it as a fuel it still pollutes the air. Much better then drilling it is not a solution in itself.

Not quite got your facts right! The amount you need to replace fossil fuels is ridiculous and because we can’t give up any agricultural land for its growth (because we need to grow food stuffs) the only option and what has already happened in certain arrears is to chop down more! trees!

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