Samsung taps into animal healthcare industry in US

Samsung Electronics has introduced a portable veterinary clinical analyzer in the United States, as part of its first step to take a larger share in the lucrative animal healthcare industry there.

The company said Tuesday that it showcased the PT10V, its first compact veterinary device, at the North American Veterinary Community Conference, which runs for four days beginning Saturday (local time).

The U.S. is the world’s largest veterinary medical devices market worth some $63 billion (71.94 trillion won), said the Seoul-based company.

Samsung signed a retail contract with Henry Schein, a globally-renowned healthcare equipment distributor, seeking to speed up its expansion into the emerging and potentially-rich industry.

The new product is equipped with state-of-the-art functionalities, examining 13 parameters including the animals’ liver, kidneys and metabolic diseases at one time within 10 minutes, the technology giant said. The device also comes in a compact size, almost one-third the size of similar products from other firms.

One of its most striking features is that Samsung succeeded in combining its advanced automated manufacturing expertise with micro-fluidic technology. This enables the device to conduct detailed medical examinations with only 70 micro-liters of serum or plasma. The amount is equal to only a drop of blood, doing little harm to the animals.

“Of the hundreds of samples evaluated during a study, no operating or functional errors occurred, showing consistent and reliable results,” Andrew Loar, director at STAT Veterinary Lab, said.

The new medical device also boasts internet of things (IoT) functions, as veterinarians can access results from examinations via their smartphones or tablets by using a mobile app.

In recognition of such high-end characteristics, the nonprofit veterinary body picked the PT10V as one of the show’s “Must see five” items.

Jun Dong-soo, the president of Samsung Electronics’ health & medical equipment business division, said: “We have high expectations for the PT10V, as it has drawn favorable market response in the U.S. market.”

“Companion animals are being acknowledged as family members and the need to take care their health in advance is growing. Using our technical capabilities, Samsung will contribute to helping animals avoid diseases by launching various diagnostic medical devices.”

The company said it will particularly expand lineups for in-vitro diagnostic devices and other veterinary products with imaging devices, such as an ultrasound, in a bid to generate more synergy with the firm’s core technologies in displays and semiconductors.

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