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The LED lantern Mizusion

Making a salt-water battery sounds like something from a school science project, but Hitachi Maxell has turned the simple experiment into survival tool.

Energy is often an issue during a disaster, which makes lighting a problem if you’re out of batteries. The LED lantern Mizusion, however, only needs 180 cubic centimeters of water and 7 grams of salt to stay continuously lit for 80 hours.

The salt water acts as an electrolyte for its “power bar,” a magnesium alloy electrode. This powers an LED that can reach a brightness of 2,000 lux. It’s easy to use: Simply take off the cap and put in two measuring spoonfuls of salt, followed by one and a half caps of water.

When unused power bar has a lifespan of about 10 years and can be replaced, so it can be stored as an emergency lamp. As it’s only 21.5 cm tall, it can also be used as a camping light or even for garden lighting.

The Mizusion is available at most big electronics stores in Japan for ¥3,218, with power bars costing ¥1,058 each.

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