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An iBeauty device

One of the many popular electronic home beauty devices is the microcurrent face massager, which delivers a low-level electrical current that many believe can improve skin tone and even tighten facial features.

Though these are not huge gadgets, they are still a little cumbersome (two-pronged hand-held devices) and not something you’re likely to pop into your bag for a quick pick-me-up while on the go. Microcurrent tool manufacturer Saido Beauty Laboratory, however, is about to release the NOFL Smart — a portable device that can be controlled by and attached to a smartphone.

The NOFL Smart delivers the electrical current via two prongs that are embedded in a single sculpted piece that can be clipped to the smartphone. The smartphone itself becomes the handle of the device, while an app is used to control the frequency of the current and its timer. The app also offers pre-set courses for different parts of the face.

This weighs just 46 grams and is small enough to work off one button battery (CR2032), which means it can be used in anywhere. It’s priced at ¥19,440 but can be purchased cheaper if pre-ordered from the Makuake crowdfunding platform.

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