The quantum password telecommunication coming up next.

Quantum password telecommunication is considered one of the best telecom security systems that no cyberattack can breach. It is expected to be used for national defense, finance, data-centers and self-driving cars.

South Korea Telecom’s “quantum password telecommunication” will be distributed globally through a partnership with Nokia.

The company said that it has opted for the partnership over a single-handed approach for wider penetration into the market.

“It is one thing for us to have top-notch technology and it is another to secure global markets,” SK Telecom CEO Park Jung-ho said after signing an agreement with Nokia in Barcelona, Monday. Park is visiting the city to attend the Mobile World Congress 2017. “We will speed up the new information and communication technology paradigm through cooperating with global enterprises such as Nokia,” he said.

Under the deal, SK Telecom and Nokia will jointly develop a quantum transmission system based on the technology by the end of the year. The system will be introduced in Nokia’s new optical transmission devices.

Nokia CEO Rajeev Suri said, “SK Telecom’s quantum password technology helped us to build a foundation to provide the world’s strongest network security. We will be able to quickly respond to the rapidly growing market demand for cybersecurity.”

The telecom company has pushed to develop the source technology at its Quantum Technology Lab since 2011.

“Though Korea started to develop quantum password technology later than the United States and China, we can now provide it globally after the successful demonstration with Nokia,” an SK Telecom official said. “The partnership with Nokia also comes because of the global recognition of Korea’s quantum security technology.”

SK Telecom said it will also apply the technology to internet of things (IoT) devices.

The company also plans to complete development of a subminiature non-memory semiconductor called the quantum random number generator (QRNG) by the first half of this year and release it soon.

QRNG is used to generate untraceable random numbers as quantum passwords. But currently available QRNG cannot be used for mobile devices because it is as large as a credit card. It can be adopted for smartphones, IoT devices and autonomous driving cars only after its size has been decreased substantially, SK Telecom said.

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