Tesla leads establishing charging infrastructure in Korea

Tesla Korea is building its own charging stations as it prepares for the delivery of its Model S 90D by June.

It is installing two types — the high-speed supercharger and slow-speed destination charger. Tesla said it will complete six charging stations in the Seoul metropolitan area by June when its vehicles are expected go on the road here.

According to sources on Sunday, Tesla Korea has almost completed the destination chargers in the Shinsegae Department store in Gangnam and the Yeoju Premium Outlets in Gyeonggi Province.

With five or six destination chargers now being built, the Gangnam Shinsegae Department store is expected to become the nation’s largest Tesla charging station. The Yeosu Premium Outlets are expected to have three destination chargers.

The U.S. electric vehicle (EV) maker’s local unit has reportedly completed destination chargers at its first showroom in the Hanam Starfield shopping mall, Gyeonggi Province, and in Cheongdam-dong, southern Seoul.

Tesla Korea is also set to build two supercharger stations in Seoul by June, but their locations have not been announced.

The company has long planned to build charging stations with the Shinsegae Group. By the end of the year, Tesla Korea and Shinsegae Group are expected to have 25 charging stations inside Shinsegae Group affiliate chains, including Shinsegae Department stores, E-marts, Premium Outlets and Starbucks cafes.

Tesla Korea said it will not be able to fully establish its charging network across the country by June, but will add more stations along with EV sales here.

Tesla vehicles have a high-capacity battery that takes more than 10 hours to fully charge with existing 7.7 kWh chargers. But it takes just 20 minutes to charge the battery to 50 percent with the high-speed superchargers and 40 to 60 minutes to fully charge it.

Tesla Korea has started finalizing the purchasing process for customers who ordered its Model S 90D luxury sedan.

The Ministry of Environment has certified that the Tesla Model S 90D has a range of 378 kilometers when fully charged. The car’s price starts at 121 million won ($106,937) and is expected to reach 161 million won for the full-option package.

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