• $550

A new selfie camera for women

Casio Computer Co Ltd has released a new product in the Exilim series of digital cameras.

The new camera, EX-FR100L (FR Series), is targeted at women who like taking selfies. It can be separated into a camera unit and a controller. Casio will sell only 2,000 units of the camera.

The retail price of the camera is about ¥55,000.

The EX-FR100L is based on the EX-FR100, which was developed as an “outdoor recorder,” and features the “Make-up Art” and “Beautiful Leg Guide” functions. For female users, it can come in pink and white. The camera unit and the controller are connected via Bluetooth, enabling to easily take a selfie from behind while checking a preview at hand.

The Make-up Art increases the chrome and contrast of the background while keeping skin color natural to take a vivid photo. The Beautiful Leg Guide enables to take a photo including “beautiful legs” by, for example, using the wide-angle 16mm lens of the camera to make the legs look long when the photo of an entire body is taken.

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