Samsung showcases next-generation QLED TV

Samsung Electronics unveiled its premium QLED TV lineup to local Korean consumers, highlighting upgraded picture quality, lifestyle-centric design and enhanced smart features.

The tech giant hopes the “next innovation in TV” will help usher in a new era of lifestyle TVs with cutting-edge technologies under its vision of “screen everywhere” announced last week at its global unveiling ceremony in Paris.

“TV has to offer more than what it has offered in the past,” Kim Hyun-suk, president of the visual display business at Samsung Electronics, said at a press conference in Seoul. “Our QLED TVs will redefine the traditional concept of TVs.”

To do so, Samsung showcased three specific qualities its new TVs focus on: the combination of light and color, the freedom in TV design and smart interaction.

Samsung said its new quantum dot-based TVs are capable of expressing accurate color and achieve a 100 percent color volume, bringing to life the tiniest details of a picture.

In addition, their unprecedented brightness levels allow users to see every hidden detail with no loss or distortion of color. Samsung has also introduced new design elements to the QLED TVs that can fit into any home.

A single, transparent “invisible connection” cable helps manage unsightly cords and clutter with a refined, single cord system, allowing users to tuck everything out of sight and ridding their homes of a salad of cables. In addition, the firm offers a “no-gap” wall mount, putting the TV closer to the wall than ever before, and a range of stylish TV stands for those who do not wish to mount their TVs on the wall.

According to Samsung, its QLED TVs can offer users a simple and intuitive experience.

Instead of having to search for individual apps, channels and services, the QLED TVs have the so-called smart hub that offers all of them on one screen. Plus, an all-in-one clicker lets users control their TV and most connected devices.

Samsung’s QLED TV lineup is comprised of three variants – the flat Q7 and Q9 models and the curved Q8 model. The 55-inch and 65-inch models of the Q7 and Q8 series hit shelves Tuesday and other products like the Q9 series will be available next month.

Samsung’s QLED TV lineup has been certified by the UHD Alliance as ultra-high-definition premium, which the company says shows global recognition for the product’s high performance levels, high dynamic range and wide color spectrum.

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