Olympus introduces operating room integration system in South Korea.

The world’s leading endoscopic equipment provider stressed the system integrates multiple medical equipment in an operating room through a network to boost efficiency and safety of surgical operations.

“The ENDOALPHA system suggests a new paradigm through innovative technologies that provide a safer and more comfortable operating environment,” Olympus Korea’s surgical product business division head Diane Kwon told a press conference in Seoul. “We will push to provide ENDOALPHA to more hospitals in Korea.”

The ENDOALPHA system provides integrated control of not just medical equipment in an operating room but also diverse peripheral devices such as air conditioners and video conference systems. The integrated control is accessible through tablet computers, Kwon said.

“Tapping into a smart touch panel control, the system connects video processors, lighting, electro surgical devices, medical cleansers, ultrasonic cutting tools and operating tables,” she said. “Medical personnel can control multiple devices without moving around. This increases operation efficiency while decreasing risks of infection.”

The system’s preset features allow doctors to save their preferred operating room settings such as medical equipment options, brightness and operating table height and to load the preset without manually controlling each part, according to Olympus Korea.

Pointing out many Korean hospitals face difficulties in finding nurses, Kwon said the smart control panel can boost efficiency of human resource management for nurses, helping new recruits better adjust to the work of operating rooms.

Olympus rolled out the ENDOALPHA system globally in 2011.

Kwon said most of the non-Olympus peripheral devices are compatible with the ENDOALPHA system. But she said medical equipment with video features such as laparoscopic surgical devices cannot be integrated into the system due to differences in network signals.

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