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A high resolution-class clip-type bone conduction earphones.

BoCo Inc, a Japan-based start-up, has started to accept pre-orders for what it claims is high resolution-class clip-type bone conduction earphones.

The bone conduction earphones, Earsopen, do not block earholes, and the wearer can hear ambient sound as usual. And they feature a higher sound quality than conventional bone conduction earphones.

At BoCo, product development is done mainly by engineers and developers who previously worked for the audio division of Sony Corp.

For the new product, the Dynamic Vibrator technology of Goldendance Co Ltd, which deals with bone conduction products, was employed. Because the vibrator has a cylindrical shape, the direction of vibration becomes constant. As a result, it becomes possible to take in the radiation of magnetic force into the vibrator, preventing the waste of vibration.

The new product was realized by developing a small (10mm-diameter) device and establishing a volume production system. In addition, a high resolution-class sound quality was realized for a frequency band of 4Hz to 40kHz, which is easy to listen to, by optimizing acoustic properties including the design of the amplifier circuit, the device and the case.

Considering the earphones can help hearing-impaired people because they use bones instead of eardrums, BoCo also offers Earsopen for hearing assistance. Equipped with two omni-directional stereo MEMS microphones, they can express the direction of sound (e.g. front, back, right and left) as well as the distance. They can be connected to a smartphone via Bluetooth.

BoCo started crowdfunding for the product March 7 at Green Funding by T-Site, a crowdfunding site run by the CCC group and raised more than ¥5,500,000 in 48 hours. The product is scheduled to be released for general public in mid-May 2017.

When sold to general public (not to the crowdfunding participants), the prices of the WR-3CL-1001 wired type for music, BT-3CL-1001 wireless type (neckband type) for music and HA-3CL-1001 wireless type for hearing assistance are ¥9,800, 25,800 and 98,000, respectively.

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