Honda unveils power storage apparatus for camping

Honda Motor Co Ltd will release a power storage apparatus equipped with a lithium-ion (Li-ion) battery in the summer.

The price of the product has not been set yet. The capacity and output of the Li-ion battery are 300Wh and 500W, respectively.

“The capacity is large enough to power an electric blanket for eight hours or use a rice cooker twice,” Honda said.

When connected to a 100V home outlet, it can be fully charged in about six hours. It has two 100V power outlets and two USB ports.

Honda showcased the product at Japan Camping Car Show 2017, which took place in Feb in Japan.

The company exhibited the power storage apparatus along with a minivan and light car having equipment for sleeping in the car and made proposals for improving convenience at the time of camping.

Honda decided to use a Li-ion battery because it has a large capacity and can be charged at a high speed. The battery is not a product developed for cars or motorbikes, and the company procures it only for the new product.

While the cost of the Li-ion battery is higher than that of lead-acid batteries, the company plans to realize a “competitive price” until its release scheduled in the summer of 2017.

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