• $50

On-the-go music, drink and lighting

When going camping, taking the minimum amount of things with you is usually a priority. That’s something that Hakone-based Root Co., a self-named “mobile-gear” company, kept in mind when designing the Playful Base — a lantern, flashlight, Bluetooth speaker and water bottle, all rolled into one.

Playful Base is about the size of a travel flask and its top part — a clear container that can store up to 350 milliliters of liquid — becomes a lamp when lit up by an LED in the device’s base. Since the light shines through the liquid, the color of the glow will depend on what kind of drink you store in it.

The metallic base is the Bluetooth speaker that, on a full charge, can play continuously for about 10 hours (six hours if the lamp is being used at the same time) and can be used like a flashlight if the clear container is removed.

The entire device is dustproof and waterproof (though it can’t be completely submerged), so that it can be used in the rain or even in the shower, and it costs just ¥10,800.

For anyone wanting to add even more functions to this already multipurpose gadget, an attachable battery pack that can add hours to the speaker time and be used to charge mobile devices is also available for an additional ¥5,400.

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