Sony proves excellence in noise cancelling

Sony’s high-end audio devices are renowned for their crystal-clear and stable sound. But the Japanese electronics giant has also proved its excellence in noise-cancelling technology for its MDR-1000X flagship headphones.

Last September, the company introduced the device equipped with its patented Sense Engine technology that completely blocks background noise.

There are headphones on the market that tout their noise-killing ability, but only a few live up to the hype. The Sony headphones are receiving positive responses from users for not just the noise-cancelling function, but a string of other convenient features.

One of note is the “quick attention” feature, designed for those who do not want to take off the headphones when talking to clerks or taxi drivers. To turn on the function, users just tap the right ear cup, which then automatically turns down the music volume to let users hear external noises.

The MDR-1000X also comes with noise control technology that allows users to select and hear a high- or low-pitch outside noise. This may look unnecessary, but it lets users keep track of important announcements in public areas such as on the subway.

When a plane takes off, this function effectively reduces engine hum while allowing users to hear in-flight announcements.

Sony also has done its best to make the device look luxurious and neat by successfully combining metal in the headband with leather-covered ear cups.

The device comes with a price tag of USD$490.

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