Farming-type Solar Plant Shares Sunshine With Vegetables

There is a 900kW-output solar power plant in a corner of a spacious agricultural area a 30-minute drive from Kumamoto Station. With solar panels purposely spaced and set up over the farmland, the crops and panels share the sunlight. It is a “solar-sharing” “farming-type solar power plant” (farming-type).

The power producer is a private part-time farmer. The power plant is named “Nakamura Solar Power Plant” after the family name of the power producer.

A variety of agriculture and livestock industries such as rice, vegetables, fruit trees, flowers, cows and pigs prospers in Kumamoto City, which boasts a rich natural environment. In 2014, the value of crop shipments from Kumamoto City ranked third among the government-ordinance-designated cities in Japan and eighth among all cities, towns and villages across Japan.

The Nakamura Solar Power Plant is surrounded by farmland Kyudenko Corp provided engineering, procurement and construction services.

Grown under the solar panels are Japanese ginger (myoga) and Japanese cleyera (sakaki). Sakaki is known for its use in Shinto rituals. Both are crops suited for cultivation under a limited amount of sunshine.

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