LG to take on Dyson with new wireless vacuum cleaners

LG Electronics unveiled three new premium wireless vacuum cleaners Monday, aiming to boost its global market presence.

The nation’s second-largest electronics maker showcased the stick-type vacuum cleaner A9, the robot cleaner R9 and the barrel-type device T9. LG Electronics said the new products will set a foothold for the company to become the leader in the global wireless vacuum cleaner market, which currently is led by the British enterprise Dyson.

“Though Dyson currently is No. 1 in the global wireless vacuum cleaner market, our new products provide improved performances and convenient usability and thus will help the company lay the foundation to become the world’s leader in this sector,” LG Electronics’ living appliance business Senior Vice President Ryu Jae-cheol said during a press conference in Seoul, Monday.

Citing global market researchers such as Euromonitor, LG Electronics estimated that the size of the global vacuum cleaner market reached $14 billion last year, with 30 percent of this generated from the wireless cleaner sector.

LG Electronics plans to introduce the A9 in Korea and roll it out in Taiwan, Russia and Australia this year. The R9 and the T9 will be released in Korea, Australia and in European countries in the latter half of the year. The company has released its wireless vacuum cleaners in 30 global markets including Australia, Taiwan, Spain, France and Russia.

LG Electronics pledged to take active marketing and premium pricing strategies in advanced markets such as North America.

“North America is the world’s largest vacuum cleaner market and is our priority target to introduce the new products,” LG Electronics’ home appliance & air solution division President Song Dae-hyun said. “We don’t plan to lower the prices of the new devices in overseas markets because they are premium products with our latest technologies.”

LG Electronics said the A9 will be priced between 890,000 won and 1.29 million won in Korea. The new stick-type vacuum cleaner has a smart inverter motor that rotates up to 115,000 times per minute, which is 16 times faster than a jet engine, the company said. It also has a high-efficiency particulate air filter and is capable of blocking dust emission by 99.9 percent. The A9’s detachable battery pack lasts up to 40 minutes.

During the showcase, the A9’s appearance was reminiscent of Dyson’s popular stick-type vacuum cleaners V6 and V8 series, with the motor and dust container in the upper part of the device.

Song said, however, “It is just a type of ordinary vacuum cleaner. It is not true that we made the product as it looks because we have been conscious of Dyson. All stick-type vacuum cleaners look alike because they are in the same product category.”

Meanwhile, LG Electronics hinted that it will gradually downsize its wired vacuum cleaner business to better focus on wireless products.

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