Samsung SDS launches AI-based big data analytics tool

Samsung SDS has launched an artificial intelligence (AI)-converged big data analytics tool to expand its business-to-business (B2B) client base in the lucrative data-processing industry.

The IT systems and logistics affiliate of Samsung Group unveiled the Brightics AI data-processing software Wednesday for enterprise-level customers here and abroad. Brightics is a combination of bright and analytics, reflecting on the firm’s bid to generate bright insight via state-of-the-art analytics tool.

The platform has focused on streamlining analytics processes in a more precise way with its automated algorithm recommendation feature, the company said.

“In general, more than two big data experts have had to spend about three months building a data analytics model customized for a client,” Samsung SDS Senior Vice President Yoon Sim said. “But Brightics AI enables users to complete the job in less than two hours as it comes with what we call ‘prescriptive’ algorithms.”

The company explained the platform would be useful for such industries as manufacturing, marketing and logistics. Even non-experts can easily analyze datasets because the platform lets them collect, analyze and visualize a high volume of data in less than 10 minutes, he said.

To be more specific, Brightics AI can be applied to more than 70 industries, and the company plans to expand its coverage into more areas such as financial services, said Yoon who also leads the firm’s research.

Samsung SDS also plans to unveil a cloud version of Brightics AI for personal users for free this month. Plus, the company will unveil an education version of Brightics software to help universities enhance their research activities.

The latest move reflects the firm’s efforts to jump on the big data bandwagon, as the world’s leading high-tech companies identify the area as the next key growth area. They include Google, Amazon as well as local giants such as SK Telecom, Samsung and LG.

In recent years, tech experts came up with a consensus that the Fourth Industrial Revolution will be crystallized under the framework of big data. It is already serving as a building block for most emerging tech areas like the internet of things (IoT), AI and smart factories.

Samsung SDS President Hong Won-pyo said: “The AI-based analytics platform is expected to stand at the forefront to lead the upcoming Fourth Industrial Revolution.”

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