• $99.95

The Helio Pressure Shower

The Helio Pressure Shower helps you maintain your personal hygiene wherever you please.

Designed with campers, beach dwellers and adventurers in mind, this portable shower offers users the freedom to bathe any time, any place. This shower keeps you clean on the go, even when the user doesn’t have access to running water. The shower folds into a small pouch for optimal portability and unlike other portable showers, relies on pressure from a foot peddle, as appose to gravity. The result is a high pressured clean that lasts for up to seven minutes.

The Helio pressure shower can be used in remote destinations to help clean the dishes, rinse off salt water after a long beach day, or even hose down your dog’s muddy paws in the backyard.

You can get from Amazon (just search for Nemo Equipment Helio Pressure Shower)

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