BIKI is the world’s first bionic underwater drone.

That is also the only underwater robot featuring automated balance, obstacle avoidance, and return to base. By supporting a 4K camera, BIKI presents you with the best view from underwater. BIKI, the smallest but strongest. Through this intelligent robot fish, you can visualize the underwater world from a completely new perspective. BIKI is not only an almighty underwater drone but also a robot pet full of emotions. Now, just tell BIKI what you want to do!

Enjoy diving? What about swimming with BIKI to see the underwater wonderland. BIKI can be suspended in the water to swim with you.

The underwater world contains unlimited mystery. By swimming at 1.12mph, BIKI can accompany you freely to enjoy in the underwater world.

Curious about how deep BIKI can get into the water? Try it out. BIKI can accompany you to 196 feet maximum depth underwater. You will find a new underwater world beyond your expectations.

What about a quiet but interesting underwater environment? BIKI can help. Swim with BIKI, you will be able to achieve the ultimate enjoyment under the water.

Even during high-speed motion or in darkness, BIKI is capable of stabilizing the camera for smooth videos and sharp photos by using a HD movement camera and an anti-shake camera platform that is based on an eccentric pan & tilt head.

You got an iPhone to take a selfie. Do you also want to capture your underwater moment? Now here is BIKI. You will be able to capture the most beautiful moments in your life by shooting with BIKI’s powerful 4K camera.

You might find the tiny BIKI is shaking and shaking. Are you worried about the camera’s stabilization? No worry. BIKI’s stabilization is improved by using an unprecedented HD movement camera set and anti-shake camera platform which is based on an eccentric pan & tilt head.

Swimming with BIKI, you will never lose any details since it can capture every moment with 150° wide-angle lenses under the water.

More info at Kickstarter

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