Vehicle camera monitoring system equipped with washer

Ichikoh Industries Ltd has developed a mirror-less camera monitor system (CMS) that is equipped with a washer to obtain clear images.

A CMS is a system that collects images behind the vehicle in place of side mirrors.

The company embedded a movable washing system in the camera module that is installed on the sides of a car and incorporates a CMOS sensor. When video on the display is unclear due to, for example, a foreign object attached to the cover located in front of the camera module’s lens, the user presses a button. Then, a nozzle extends from the washing system and sprays washing liquid to blow off the object and obtain clear video.

The CMS uses the same washing liquid as the windshield. Its resolution and frame rate are 130dpi and 60fps, respectively. The washing system, camera module and display are products of Valeo SA.

Ichikoh aims to commercialize the new CMS in 2019.

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