New LED light bulb catches, kills bugs

E Balance Co Ltd has released an LED light bulb with a built-in electric pesticidal lamp.

The LED light bulb attracts bugs with 385-400nm-wavelength ultraviolet light, which is favored by mosquitoes, etc, and electrifies them to death after they enter the device. Dead bugs are removed by using an accompanying brush or a vacuum cleaner after detaching the bulb. There is no manufacturer’s suggested retail price for the product.

E Balance is a company that plans, designs and sells design-oriented home electrical appliances and creative goods.

The color temperature of the LED light bulb is 6,500K (daylight color), and its brightness is 950lm. The LED lamp and the pesticidal lamp can be separately turned on. By switching on/off the light bulb repeatedly, it is possible to turn on (1) both the LED and pesticidal lamps (power consumption: 11W) (2) only the LED lamp and (3) only the pesticidal lamp (power consumption: 1W)

The new product, which is an E26-base LED lamp, can be used as a light bulb for down light. However, E Balance recommends that potential purchasers check if the product can be attached because it is 94mm in diameter and 167mm in height and larger than conventional light bulbs.

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