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New 9.8kWh Residential Storage Battery

DMM Ltd started to accept orders for the “DMM.make smart” residential lithium-ion (Li-ion) battery.

The battery is manufactured by NF Corp. Its capacity is 9.8kWh, which is equivalent to the amount consumed by an average household per day. Its output is 3kVA. It supports 200V apparatuses such as air conditioners, IH cookers, heat pump water heaters and fuel-cell cogeneration systems.

Even in the case of a power failure, the battery can output 3kVA of electricity. When it detects a power failure, it automatically starts to discharge stored power. Also, even when the the battery is almost empty, it can be fully charged in about three hours.

The manufacturer’s suggested retail price of the battery is ¥2,850,000 (approx US$25,538, excluding tax and installation fee).

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