Kyocera’s HEMS Uses Surplus Solar Electricity to Heat Water

Kyocera Corp exhibited a ZEH (zero energy house)-related new product at PVJapan2017, a trade show on solar power generation technologies, which took place from July 5 to 7, 2017, in Yokohama City, Japan.

At the show, the company announced that it will release an HEMS (home energy management system) that has a function to store heat generated by using surplus solar electricity in August 2017.

The HEMS works in conjunction with a solar power generation system, storage battery system, heat pump-based water heater, air conditioner, etc and optimally controls them. Currently, the heat pump-based water heater operates and stores heat during nighttime hours. But the new HEMS features the “solar power generation utilization mode” and heats water by using surplus solar electricity that cannot be consumed in house during daylight hours.

The purchasing period based on the feed-in tariff (FIT) policy will expire at about 1.2 million households in Japan in 2019. And they are expected to consume solar electricity by themselves instead of selling it.

The new product is targeted at meeting such needs. It can reduce battery capacity, which increases cost, and improve the self-consumption rate of solar electricity.

Kyocera realized the solar power mode by tying up with Corona Corp and combining Corona’s heat pump-based water heater with Kyocera’s solar power generation facilities and “NAVIFitz” HEMS.

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