• $50

Plantygon is a modular geometric stacking planter

Designed to accommodate a growing collection of succulents, it is based on the truncated octohedron which can tesselate in 3D space. This allows each planter to stack together in any combination that you’d like!

This set includes 3 Planters which interlock together as shown. If you would like a combination of black/white, drainage/no drainage please leave a message in the info to buyer upon purchase.

The Plantygon planter has a sloped inner drain leading to holes which drain into the neighboring planters. A version without drainage holes is also available for indoor use.

Each planter measures 100mm x 100mm x 100mm (~4in x 4in x 4in).
PLANT NOT INCLUDED, stop by your local home and garden store to choose your own tiny plant to use in this planter.

The planters are 3D printed to order in your choice of Black or White PLA, a biodegradable and durable plastic made from renewable sources. Each planter takes 7 hours to print.

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