Nissan’s new Leaf EV has automatic parking system

The new model of the Leaf electric vehicle (EV), to be unveiled Sept 6, will come with an “automatic” parking system says Nissan.

The system, ProPilot Parking, automatically controls all the operations necessary for parking. This is the first time that the system has been employed for a car manufactured in Japan.

When the driver finds an empty space in a parking lot and presses a button, the shift lever is automatically switched to “reverse.” Then, the system controls acceleration/deceleration and steering to park the car in the space. When the parking operation is completed, a parking brake is “automatically” applied.

The new Leaf also features the ProPilot driving support system. It automatically controls acceleration/deceleration and steering on a single lane of an expressway when the vehicle speed is 0-100km/h (approx 0-62.1mph).

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