Seven-Eleven, Toyota team up to introduce fuel cells, storage batteries

Seven-Eleven Japan and Toyota Motor have signed a basic agreement to consider saving energy and reducing CO2 emissions in regard to physical distribution and stores.

Based on the agreement, fuel cells, storage batteries, etc developed by Toyota will be introduced to Seven-Eleven’s delivery vehicles and stores. The two companies will introduce new trucks whose motors and refrigerating/freezing units use fuel cell-based power supplies as delivery trucks (refrigerating/freezing cars) for stores in the aim of reducing CO2 emissions.

Also, at stores, (1) stationary fuel cell systems using automotive fuel-cell units and (2) stationary storage battery systems using automotive storage batteries will be set up. Seven-Eleven and Toyota are considering using the fuel cells as the base power supplies of stores for which hydrogen stations are installed and the storage batteries as emergency power sources in a time of disaster.

They also aim to drastically reduce CO2 emissions by introducing energy management systems (EMSes) that combine those power sources and existing solar power generation systems.

The stores of Seven-Eleven started to install rooftop solar power generation systems long ago to address environmental issues. As of the end of May 2016, the company had installed solar panels at 7,624 stores to cover part of their power consumption.

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