Laundroid, the laundry-folding robot of our dreams.

Panasonic teamed up with tech company Seven Dreamers and Japan’s largest homebuilder, Daiwa House, to create the Laundroid — a laundry-folding robot.

Attendees at the 2015 Combined Exhibition of Advanced Technologies got to watch the first demonstration by the new robot on how the lean, mean laundry machine actually works.

A demonstrator took a white shirt and tossed it loosely in the opening of the machine and after waiting five minutes, the door opened – with a perfectly folded shirt appearing.

Manufacturers hope to speed up the folding machine to go through an entire load of laundry in seven hours — with users setting up the robot before bedtime to have clothes ready by morning.

Currently the machine can fold T-shirts, collared shirts, skirts, shorts, trousers and towels, but developers are looking to find a way to get the robot to fold socks.

Preorders for a simpler version of Laundroid will begin next year with a release of beta models coming shortly after.

Creators plan to release the final product — a full wash, dry and fold system — by 2019.

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