The Eve Smart Mirror.

The Most Intelligent, Productive & Assistive Smart Mirror You’ll Ever Use.

Eve is a fully customizable, touchscreen interactive smart mirror that allows you to experience your home in a whole new way. We made it light, tiny, and beautiful. It fits perfectly in every studio, workshop, and home! Let me show you how cool this smart mirror can be.


Whether you are an early adopter, a smart home enthusiast, or new to the smart home scene, the beauty of Eve Smart Mirror is that it can work for everyone. The Eve Smart Mirror is simple and familiar, simple plug and play operation until an Eve Smart Mirror Application brings it to life. It is compatible with an ever-growing list of applications/technologies. It is easy to install and will work with different frames by easily swapping frames in and out as your needs change.


Eve Smart Mirror is a new type of mirror, but it’s also the natural evolution of a product category that’s not seen much innovation in the last century.

Smart home technology is already in our everyday lives… from simple thermostat comfort and energy efficiency to more elaborate security and home automation. But often the question is… where to begin?

With any new technology boom, there are always going to be several competing devices… wouldn’t it be great if there was one device with the capability to work with all devices?

Eve has your back!

No setup. Just plug & play!
No need to rely on any other device or equipment
No need to rely on local WIFI
Freedom to move around the room, while controlling everything from your voice

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