Prototype of wind sensor module.

KOA Corp has developed a “wind sensor module,” which converts wind into digital signals in a simple way.

KOA, which develops, manufactures and sells electronic parts such as resistors, demonstrated an LED lantern and wall-mounted lamp using the sensor.

The wind sensor uses two resistors as temperature sensors. It senses wind by detecting a temperature difference after heat is taken by wind. The sensor can detect a wind whose temperature is almost the same as the ambient temperature, but it is difficult to detect, for example, a warm wind coming from a hair dryer, the company said.

KOA expects that the wind sensor will be used for furniture, building decorations, toys, etc. For example, when an LED candle is combined with the module, it is possible to flicker the “flame” of the candle in accordance with ambient wind. Compared with a flame that flickers based on random digits regardless of ambient conditions, the sensor can realize a more realistic flame.

In a demonstration of the wall-mounted lamp, the strength of wind was expressed by the brightness and color of the LED lamp. The sensing part is exposed, and, thus, the lamp cannot be used outside. But KOA is planning to add a water-proofing function to the lamp.

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