Amelia as your first Digital Employee

When you employ Amelia, you do not employ “a single agent” at a time, you get to switch on an entire digital workforce. She connects an organization’s data, systems and customer engagement channels to deliver high performance throughout the value chain.

Intelligent understanding:

Amelia understands the underlying meaning of your statements and can engage in fluid conversations. As she detects a customer’s mood, she is able to adapt the content of her responses and associated expressions to create a truly personal experience.

Performance Analytics
and Decision Intelligence

Amelia utilizes advanced machine learning models to make business decisions drawn from conversational data in real-time. She also measures her own business impact across a wide range of metrics and suggests opportunities for improvement.

Ensuring Superior Customer Experience

Lend the keys to Amelia, who can manage all aspects of customer experience. She is aware of the full context of every conversation so she can adapt her social tone and actions accordingly. When Amelia needs to escalate a call, she passes on all relevant information to her human colleagues so the conversation can flow smoothly without requiring customers to repeat themselves.

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