Bacteria-Eliminating LED Wands

When living in a city, it’s impossible to avoid all the potentially harmful bacteria hiding in the grit and grime of surfaces, but the Cleanty V2 is a new product that makes it easier to bust the likeliest culprits. The handheld LED wand uses powerful UVC light to kill bacteria and germs, sterilizing surfaces in as little as a few seconds.

Hand-washing is important for personal hygiene, but no matter how often one washes, it’s still a virtual guarantee that they’ll touch something contaminated at one point or another. The Cleanty V2 changes the proposition: rather than cleaning one’s hands, why not clean the objects that one touches instead? In ten seconds, the pocket-sized device’s UVC sterilizer can knock out 99.9 percent of bacteria on any surface, rendering it clean (and saving hands from constant washing.)

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