High-efficient power generation by simply placing in existing water channels

NTN Launches “NTN Micro Hydro Turbine”which can generate power simply by placing it in existing water channels.

Ordinary compact hydroelectric generators generate power using a difference in water levels by damming water channels. However, extensive initial costs for such as foundation work to develop the difference in water levels and installing water pipes have been an issue.

The “NTN Micro Hydro Turbine,” which NTN will launch, can generate power using the natural flow of water, and can be simply placed in existing water channels thus significantly reducing construction costs. Furthermore, the tip of the blade has a wide proprietary shape that allows for high-efficient power generation. The winglets have a slightly bent tip to prevention turbulence generated at the tip, which reduces energy loss. Therefore, the water flow is hardly disturbed even when installing several units in series and it is possible to obtain an output according to the number of units installed. Generated power is stored in a battery and used for peripheral equipment such as harmful animal prevention fences and street lights, enabling community-based power generation.

With the company’s 100th anniversary approaching in March next year, NTN aims for sustainable growth over the next 100 years and is engaged in business that utilizes natural energy as one of its new businesses. In July last year, NTN launched the “Hybrid Street Lights”*1 that generate power using wind and solar, held demonstration tests*2 for the “NTN Micro Hydro Turbine” and had been proceeding to prepare for its launch.

NTN will continue to contribute to achieving a low-carbon society by making progress with proposals of energy locally produced and consumed through the development and sales of products that use this type of natural energy.

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