The Scientifically Perfect Chair

Dutch designer Merel Bekking undertook a project titled ‘Your Brain Manufacturing’ to see if she could design a chair which reflected a person’s individualized subconscious design style. Marcus Fairs, design journalist and founder of online design magazine, Dezeen, was Bekking’s subject for the project.

Bekking collaborated with neuroscientist Steven Scholte who used an MRI scan as a tool to reveal what Fair’s really liked, despite what he said he liked. Images of Fairs’ brain were captured while he was presented a variety of objects, colors and shapes. The results were then interpreted, revealing that Fairs exhibited heightened brain activity when shown “orange, plastic, closed rounded shapes and chairs.”

The collaboration between art and science creates a possibility for individualized designs and explores personal aesthetic without the interference of societal pressures altering someone’s preferences.

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