Using VR to Further In-Classroom Learning

To prepare its students for a more tech-centered world, China’s International School of Nanshan Shenzhen is integrating virtual reality lesson plans into its curriculum.

To achieve this, the school has built an immersive virtual reality lab, which various classrooms will have access to throughout the semester. Through the lab, students of various age groups and disciplines can experience a more technologically-infused and interactive iteration of common lesson plans, including art and design, geography, history and music lessons. The lab will offer carefully curated tools and experiences which will require students to apply concepts and theories learnt inside the classroom. The virtual reality lab’s overarching goal is to enhance a student’s practical skill development, in a manner that’s entertaining and exciting.

This hands-on, virtual reality lab offers a unique space for students to express and explore creative endeavors, while focusing on a more entertaining, student-driven means of education.

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